5 Actionable Tips to Keep Your Quartz Countertop Clean and Shiny

Keeping your quartz countertop clean is easy and hassle-free. With a combination of stone aggregates and resin, this countertop material is easier to clean and maintain than granite or marble. Quartz is a highly durable stone that resists chipping, staining, and scratching.

Unlike marble counters, engineered quartz does not require sealing. It is also safe from etching. Hence, you can casually place your glass of wine over your quartz counter without worrying about spills and drips seeping through your stone.

However, this does not mean that your quartz surface is maintenance-free. Like any other premium product, you must also take care of it to ensure it stays in excellent condition.

Here are some cleaning and care tips to keep your quartz countertop in tip-top shape: 

1. Always Keep Your Quartz Countertop Clean and Dry.

Wipe off the crumbs and bits on your quartz countertop with a soft, clean cloth or a microfiber towel after every meal prep. For stubborn gunk and grime, gently scrape the area with a plastic putty knife until you remove all the residues. Never use a scouring pad for cleaning quartz. “Scotch Brite,” for example, contains Aluminum oxide (the same abrasive in sandpapers) that can dull your countertop’s shine.
Clean as you go
Always clean as you go!

For everyday cleaning, use a specially formulated stone cleaner for quartz surfaces to keep your counter sparkling and spotless.

Avoid using mild soap or dishwashing liquid to clean your counter. Contrary to the pieces of advice from most guides online, we highly discourage our customers from using these products on their counter. Soapy water creates a cloudy haze on your countertop’s surface that dulls its shine with repeated use.

Moreover, don’t use generic household cleaners, as they can ruin your countertop’s finish. Most of these products are too alkaline or too acidic. For best results, use an appropriate stone cleaner instead.

Upon cleaning, dry the surface with a paper towel or a soft, clean cloth. Ensure that every spot, especially around the sink area, is clean and dry. This prevents hard water deposits from accumulating on your quartz countertop over time.

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2. Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals on Your Quartz Counter.

Although quartz is resistant to chemicals, this does not mean it can withstand strong, abrasive products like bleach and Hydrochloric acid.

Mild cleaners are okay, but, unfortunately, most commercial household cleaners in the market today are not.

Again, avoid using highly alkaline or acidic cleaners for your counter. These products can easily damage the surface of your engineered stone. Repeated exposure to these substances can permanently damage your stone’s surface. Never let any of these products come in direct contact with your countertop at all costs. 

Don't use generic cleaning products to clean your quartz countertop
Don't use generic cleaning products on your quartz countertop.

Unlike granite or marble, engineered quartz does not need to be sealed. Its surface is impervious to liquids. In fact, sealing may actually do more harm than good on quartz. Once you apply a stone sealer on it, the solution will simply sit there and evaporate—leaving a thin film of residue on your countertop’s surface. More importantly, sealers are made for natural stones only. As a solvent-based product, stone sealers may react adversely with your quartz’s polyester resin components. As such, it is best left unsealed.

Furthermore, quartz does not need to be applied with liquid wax either. During production, each slab is sanded down and polished. Hence, the shine you see is from the stone itself, just like a diamond. Besides, your stone’s surface finish, whether polished or honed, is permanent (unless damaged). Therefore, applying wax is unnecessary. Wax builds up on the surface and turns yellow over time with repeated use.

To keep your quartz countertop shiny, always keep it neat and clean. Don’t let dirt and grime accumulate on its surface. This way, your stone’s inherent luster remains pristine for years.

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3. Use Trivets or Hot Pads Under Heated Pots and Pans

Never let any heat source come in direct contact with quartz. Avoid putting hot cookware directly on your counter. Unlike granite and marble, too much heat can damage your quartz counter. The reason is the resin.

Because of the resin it contains, engineered quartz is vulnerable to high temperatures. Resin melts when heated. As a result, excessive heat can burn or discolor your quartz countertop.

To prevent this, always use trivets or hot pads under every heated pot and pan before placing them over your counter. Not only is this habit practical, but it’s also more economical. After all, if you can prevent any damage to your counter, you won’t need to repair or replace it in the future, right?

4. Keep it away from Direct Sunlight.

While it’s highly improbable that your kitchen is outdoors, it’s still good to remember (in case you have any other home improvement projects in the pipeline) that quartz is an indoor fixture. The material doesn’t work well when exposed to the elements. Direct sunlight, in particular, can cause your engineered stone to fade or “yellow.”

The reason, again, is the resin. Quartz’s polyester resin component reacts to UV overexposure and causes the stone to discolor. If you wish to use quartz outside the house, ensure it’s under the shade of your outdoor kitchen or gazebo.

5. Keep in Mind that Quartz is NOT Indestructible.

Quartz can hold up to just about anything your daily kitchen life can throw at it, but keep in mind that it’s not indestructible.

Although you can cut directly on your quartz counter, we don’t recommend it. The stone may be highly resistant to scratching, but it can be damaged when done purposely. Hence, remember to always use a cutting board during every meal preparation.

Also, avoid putting too much weight or pressure on your quartz countertop. Never sit or stand on it. Doing so risks the structural integrity of your base cabinet underneath. Instead, get a stool or a step ladder to reach things in your upper cabinet or fix the light bulb.

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Lastly, avoid dropping heavy objects on your counter. Though quartz is highly durable, any sudden force or impact can damage your stone. It can chip or crack, especially on its edges or along the cutouts (for your cooktop and sink). Always be careful when working around your counter.

Although engineered stone requires less upkeep than natural stones, it still needs constant cleaning and care to maintain its beauty. With proper care and maintenance, you can expect a lifetime of service from your quartz counter in the years to come.


Quartz countertops are increasingly becoming more and more popular than granite and quartz over the recent years. Thanks to its advantages over natural stones, consumers choose quartz because it’s highly durable and easy to maintain.

However, keep in mind that quartz is not indestructible and maintenance-free. There are do’s and don’ts to keep your quartz counter clean and looking new. By following the tips listed above, you can ensure that your counter will remain beautiful for decades.

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  1. I read from this Caesarstone blog that BKF or Bar Keeper’s Friend really helps with tough spills and stains. If they won’t budge, plastic putty knives help safely scrape it off the countertop. If worst comes to worst, magic erasers will finish the job. Just remember to not use abrasive cleaners like bleach and scotch pads.

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