What Makes Marble Tiles a Rock-Solid Investment?

If you’re torn between buying cheap ceramic and premium marble tiles for your floor at home, don’t worry. This guide will help you decide whether marble tiles are the right fit for your project based on your budget and design.

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What are Marble Tiles?

Marble tiles are genuine natural stones widely used for floor and wall applications in most five-star hotels and high-end establishments.

They come from quarries as blocks, then are cut and polished into thin sheets. They are commonly, but not limited to, 0.60 m. x 0.60 m. in size and can reach even up to 1.20 m. x 1.20 m.

White marble tiles for floors and walls
Marble tiles have an inherent beauty that no human-made surface can match.

Marble tiles have been used in architecture since ancient times and remain popular today thanks to their elegant and sophisticated appeal.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Marble Tiles?



Curious to know how much will your marble floor cost?

What are Marble Tiles used for?

Checkered marble floor
You can tell they're real marble because of how unique each tile is.

Why Does Marble Feel Cold?

Marble is a good conductor, allowing heat to quickly transfer to and from your skin. Thus, when you walk barefoot on a room-temperature marble, you will “feel” cold because the stone quickly withdraws heat from your feet.

On the contrary, other materials (insulators), such as carpet and wood, are poor conductors and do not allow heat to flow easily.

The marble not yet carved can hold the form of every thought the greatest artist has.

We don’t recommend using marble tiles for kitchen countertops because of their size and porosity. Instead, we highly suggest using marble-like quartz, such as “Cloudstone” or “Lightning Calacatta.” 

Marble tiles require a couple of seams, especially on a large counter. Moreover, they are susceptible to staining and etching, so you must be careful of the items you place on it. Acids and colored liquids can permanently damage your marble’s surface, more so if left unsealed.

Nevertheless, if you really want a natural marble counter, use full slabs, not tile-sized stones. This way, you can minimize the number of seams for an IG-worthy kitchen. What’s more, it makes cleaning a lot easier.

Are Marble Tiles Good for Kitchen Backsplash?

Marble tiles make an excellent kitchen backsplash. Thanks to their natural beauty, they bring elegance and sophistication into any space.

A marble backsplash provides a stunning visual treat to anyone in the kitchen. It adds depth, color, and texture to the room. Whether you prefer a 0.10 m. high or a full-height backsplash, it sure is worth pairing with your kitchen countertop.

In addition, it protects the wall from splatters and blocks spills and drips from seeping behind the cabinet. It helps keep both surfaces clean and dry, which, in turn, prevents mold from growing inside your kitchen.

Lastly, it hides the gap between the rear end of the countertop and the wall behind it. Considering that most walls, almost always, are not straight, the void becomes inevitable. So, your marble tiles will cover this particular problem fittingly.

Can Marble Tiles be Used for Shower Floors?

Yes, marble tiles work great for toilet and bathroom floors with the right surface finish.

Textured marble tiles offer better traction, which is essential in shower floors and stair treads. For example, honed and acid-wash finishes provide better slip resistance than polished ones. They help prevent slip and fall accidents, especially for children and the elderly.

On the flip side, textured marbles are more porous than polished ones. Hence, they require more frequent sealing, depending on your usage.

In addition, natural marble can react to generic cleaning materials, personal hygiene products, and even hard water. So, if you’re considering marble tiles for your toilet and bathroom, please be sure that you are prepared for the extra care and maintenance it requires. 

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Can Marble Tiles be Used for Shower Walls?

Definitely! Marble tiles bring luxury and refinement, especially when used to cover the entire shower space—from floor to wall.

With marble tiles, you can enjoy a relaxing five-star hotel shower in the comforts of your home. It’s a classic and timeless material that ages beautifully over time.

How to Keep Your Marble Tiles Clean and Beautiful?

For most high-end homes, marble tiles are a must-have because of their unique, beautiful appearance. However, keeping them clean and looking their best can be challenging. Here are some tips on how to keep your marble tiles looking new for years:

1. Seal Your Marble Tiles Regularly.

Marble tiles are beautiful, but they have one major drawback: you must seal them regularly to protect them from staining.

After all, natural marble is porous. Thus, any liquid can easily seep into its surface, especially when left untreated.

Stone sealers help protect marble tiles from discoloration by increasing the window period of blotting time, allowing easy removal of liquids should any spill or drip occur.

For starters, sealing is pretty straightforward. You can do it yourself without any professional help. However, keep in mind that not all stone sealers are created equal. You’d want a sealer that allows marble “breathe” and won’t alter its appearance, like Tenax Proseal.

2. Keep Your Marble Tiles Away from Commercial Cleaners.

Generic cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that can damage, etch, or discolor your marble tiles. Most, if not all, are too acidic or too alkaline, which can ruin the beauty of your natural stone.

Similarly, avoid using vinegar, lemon juice, and other homemade cleaners containing acids to prevent etching. 

Don't use generic cleaning products to clean your quartz countertop
Use only a specially formulated stone cleaner on your marble tiles.

Instead, we recommend using specially formulated stone cleaners to help keep your marble tiles spotless and streak-free. pH-neutral stone cleaners are excellent for routine maintenance without leaving any discoloration or etch marks.

3. Use Natural Poultice to Remove Stubborn Stains.

If your stone cleaner doesn’t work, then the stain, most likely, has seeped into your marble tile. To remove this impurity, make a poultice by mixing baking soda and water until you get a consistency similar to peanut butter.

Lather the poultice on the affected area and cover it with a cling wrap afterward.

Wait for 24 to 48 hours. Your poultice should absorb the unwanted stain as it hardens and dries.

Dampen the poultice by adding a small amount of water, then scrape it off with a wooden or plastic spatula.

Repeat as necessary if the stain is not entirely removed.

4. Always Leave Your Marble Surface Dry After Every Use.

Keeping your marble tiles dry is essential to maintaining their beauty and durability. Whether you’re dealing with floors or walls, you can use a few simple tricks to keep them looking new for years.

For toilets and bathrooms, spray down your marble tiles with water after showering to remove any residues of soap, shampoo, and body wash. Soapy water can build up on your floors and walls, creating a cloudy haze that ruins their shine. Next, squeegee the surface to prevent water from sitting there all day (or night). It’s a simple task that only takes a minute but can preserve your stones’ beauty for decades. 

Emperador Dark and Emperador Light marble bathroom counter and floor
The marble, "Emperador Light," floor tiles pairs well with "Emperador Dark" vanity tops.

For tabletops and floors, blot up spills and drips immediately. Don’t rub or wipe up the liquid so it doesn’t spread across the surface. Afterward, spray the affected area with a pH-neutral stone cleaner and dry it with a paper towel or a clean cloth.

5. Don't Forget to Sweep and Mop Regularly.

Removing dirt, grit, and sand routinely is essential to making your marble beautiful, especially on high-traffic floors.

Use a dry, untreated dust mop to clean your floor without scratching the stone’s surface. Ensure that it runs in a single direction, not back and forth, to prevent scratching.

Should you wish to use a vacuum cleaner on your marble floor, use brushnot metal and plasticattachments, so they don’t damage the surface.

Lastly, put a doormat outside the house entrance to help keep dirt and small rocks from being brought in. 

Cleaning marble tiles with dust mop
Run your dust mop in a single direction, not back and forth, to prevent scratches on your marble tile.

How Much Do Marble Tiles Cost in the Philippines?

Marble Tile 60 cm. x 60 cm. 60 cm. x 120 cm.
Light beige marble from Spain Crema Marfil Php 3,744.00 Php 7,488.00
Dark brown marble from Spain Emperador Dark Php 3,744.00 Php 7,488.00
Light brown marble from Turkey Emperador Light Php 3,744.00 Php 7,488.00
Black marble countertop from Spain Nero Marquina Php 3,744.00 Php 7,488.00
White marble countertop from Greece Volakas White Php 3,744.00 Php 7,488.00


Marble tiles are a beautiful and luxurious choice for interiors but require more care and maintenance than other materials.

However, if you prefer something easy to clean and won’t show dirt and stains, then marble might not be suitable for you.

Nevertheless, if you love the look and feel of this elegant material and are willing to put time and energy into keeping it clean, then marble tiles might be your best option.

So before you decide, consider your lifestyle and how much you are willing to put into maintaining them.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. But it is important to make an informed decision that you’ll be happy and content with in the long run. 

Where to Buy Marble Tiles in the Philippines?

If you’re looking to add a touch of luxury to your home or office, then marble tiles are a perfect choice. At Stone Depot, we offer high-quality marble tiles at a very competitive price. Whether you are looking for a beautiful white marble for your living room or a sophisticated black marble tabletop, you’ll definitely find a marble tile in our slab yard that fits your budget and style. So what are you waiting for? Drop by Stone Depot today to browse our selection and find the perfect marble tiles for your space. Visit any of our branches in:
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