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STONE DEPOT: A Cut Above the Rest

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Who We Are

We at Stone Depot are a team of young and driven individuals who share a passion for creativity, professionalism, and fun.

Equipped with a background in various industries, we are committed to helping our Clients make the most informed choices in every project decision.

Furthermore, we believe that great ideas combined with Client involvement result in highly successful collaborations.

What We Do

We fabricate and install various granite, marble, and engineered quartz applications, like kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity tops.

Why Work With Us

Being a small Company has its perks.

We take care of things personally. We do the dirty work ourselves. Additionally, being on the field allows us to be on top of every situation. Hence, it helps us take immediate action for every feedback we get.

Ultimately, it empowers us to come up with a decision in a snap.

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Our Mission

To help our Clients carry out their projects by delivering our products and services on time, in high quality, and at a fair price.

Our Vision

To be the benchmark of the Country's stone industry in 2025.

Our Milestones


Humble Beginnings

With only a five-person Team, Stone Depot starts its operation from an open warehouse along F. Cabahug St. in Mabolo, Cebu City.



Baby Steps

A year after solely focusing on supplying raw natural stone slabs in the market, the Company began providing installation services to residential and commercial projects in Cebu and other neighboring islands, like Bohol, Leyte, and Negros Island.



The Eagle has Landed

Stone Depot extends its market reach to Mindanao as it starts its operation in Davao City.




In three years, the Companyโ€™s imports grow five times bigger than its first year in business.



King of the North

The Company opens in Cagayan de Oro City, aiming to reach further new Clients in Northern Mindanao.




Stone Depot opens its branch in Iloilo City to accommodate new projects in Western Visayas.

Furthermore, despite the global uncertainty brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Company remains resilient as ever.




The benchmark of the countryโ€™s stone industry.


Our Brand

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Similar to the art of Origami, our craft involves transforming simple materials into many forms of applications. Akin to folding paper into various shapes and figures, we turn stone slabs into well-designed applications, such as countertops and vanity tops, for any office or home.

We at Stone Depot believe every project should imbue timelessness and elegance like marble. Also, by bringing together individuals equipped with various skills and years of experience, we intend to highlight the inherent beauty of natural stone in each of our works.

Versatility, combined with boundless creativity and passion for perfection, allows us to soar above the competition. It enables us to understand our Clients from a broader perspective. Furthermore, it empowers us to remain significant in the market, even as we fly against the changing times.

Our Line of Services

We supply natural and engineered stones, stone tools, sealers, and other maintenance products. We also fabricate and install various stone applications, such as:
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Stair Treads
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Vanity Tops
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Wall Cladding
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Pool Coping
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Floor Tiles
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Niche and Mausoleum

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