14 Popular Countertop Edge Profiles Today

Popular countertop edge designs
Custom Edge Profiles for Kitchen Countertops

Even the smallest detail can have a surprising effect on the look and function of your kitchen.

Whether you are constructing a new home or renovating a kitchen, you will often choose between the most straightforward choices. Some may look unimportant at first. From deciding on a color, choosing from among various edge profiles, or selecting your floor tiles, these small decisions make all the difference in every design.

When sourcing a countertop material for your kitchen, you need to choose the color that perfectly complements your interior. You also have to find the best material which matches your cooking lifestyle.

Deciding on an edge profile, for example, may not be your priority at first. But bear in mind that it is as equally important as picking your countertop’s color. It also adds to the final cost of your project.

The edge profile is a critical element that shapes your kitchen countertop’s design. It is a small detail that contributes to your kitchen counter’s efficiency, safety, and beauty. Knowing the pros and cons of each edge profile design is undoubtedly helpful in making an informed decision that suits your style and needs.

To give you an idea, here are some of the basic edge profiles for granitemarble, and engineered quartz countertops:

Basic Countertop Edge Profiles (Php400 per linear meter)


An Eased edge is a 90-degree square profile widely used in modern, minimalist kitchen designs.

It has a flat-front edge that fits well into most contemporary designs and architectural styles. It is a simple detail that gives your countertop the thickest possible look compared to other basic edge profiles.

Furthermore, if you have kids at home, it can be “softened” just enough to be neither too sharp nor too rounded. Softer edges make it safer for children.

It also minimizes breakage should any object hit your countertop’s side.

An eased edge is the easiest to clean compared to all other profiles. It also allows spills and drips to fall directly unto the floor, unlike rounded edges that permit liquids to run down the cabinets.

An eased edge profile on a kitchen countertop
An Eased edge profile gives your countertop the thickest possible look.

Curious to know how much will your counter cost?


A Chamfer has a distinct, angled look that adds a contemporary touch to any kitchen.

It is defined by its 45-degree angled corner right on the upper edge of your countertop.

Because of its design, a chamfered edge profile can withstand accidental blows from blunt objects, such as heavy pots and pans, that may happen at any time in the kitchen. It minimizes the chance of chipping or breakage, which may occur along the edges of your countertop.

Lastly, a chamfered edge makes it safer for your kids, as it has no sharp corners.

A chamfer edge profile on a kitchen countertop
A Chamfer is defined by its 45-degree angled corner right on the upper edge of the counter.


Like the chamfered profile, a Beveled edge provides a sleek and angled look to any kitchen countertop.

However, the main difference between the two designs is that a bevel has a sloping edge while a chamfer is a cut made at a 45-degree angle.

Additionally, you can customize the angle and the width of the bevel edge to fit into your style and enhance the look of your kitchen.

Like the eased and chamfered edges, a beveled profile directs liquid spillovers to fall into the floor (not into your cabinet doors). It is also much easier to clean.

However, despite these advantages, a beveled edge can chip more quickly than other designs.

A bevel edge profile on a kitchen countertop
A Beveled edge provides a sleek and angled look to any kitchen countertop.

It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.

Pencil Round

A Pencil Round is a slightly rounded corner that gives a warm, soft profile on any kitchen countertop.

It’s a simple detail that goes well with either a classic or contemporary kitchen.

The pencil round appears similar to an eased profile; the only difference is its slight curvature on the edges’ top and bottom corner(s).

With pencil round’s sleek, smooth finish, you won’t worry about those sharp edges. It makes your countertop appear thicker and chip-resistant without compromising the safety of your kids in the kitchen.

A pencil round edge profile on a kitchen countertop
The Pencil Round makes your kitchen child-friendly and your countertop chip-resistant.

Half Bullnose (Quarter Round)

Like a waterfall, a Half Bullnose appears rounded on top and flat on the bottom.

It gives your kitchen countertop a softer and warmer look thanks to the simple, curved lines it creates.

If you love the look of a rounded edge but want something easier to clean, consider using half bullnose on your countertop. Spills and drips quickly trickle down the floor thanks to its flowing effect. It works best near sinks because the bottom edge prevents liquid from running down the lower cabinets.

Furthermore, since there are no sharp corners on the top edge, you are less likely to hurt yourself with this finish.

A half bullnose edge profile on a kitchen countertop
A Half Bullnose appears rounded on top and flat on the bottom.


The Bullnose is a full rounded edge profile, similar to the letter “U” lying on its underside. This design provides a soft look on your kitchen countertop.

It is best suited for countertops and islands with an extended overhang, like a breakfast nook or a bar counter.

It is commonly used on most pre-fabricated slabs available in many home improvement stores, like Wilcon Depot and Citi Hardware, here in the Philippines.

The bullnose is the perfect countertop edge profile if you have kids at home. It has no sharp corners from top to bottom, making it the most child-friendly among all other basic edge profiles.

Moreover, it has the highest potential of minimizing the chance of breakage and chipping as it is the softest of all profiles.

The curved profile, however, makes your countertop look thinner.

Furthermore, spills and drips from water and beverages are more likely to follow the curve and reach your lower cabinets.

Lastly, it is harder to clean compared to other designs. As you wipe off the edges of your countertop, some crumbs are often pushed to the underside. As such, it requires more time and effort to clean.

Premium Countertop Edge Profiles (Php800 per linear meter)

A bullnose edge profile on a kitchen countertop
The Bullnose is a full rounded edge profile, similar to the letter “U” lying on its underside.


The Dupont is a premium edge profile that can cost more than most basic edge profiles, depending on your fabricator.

It has a slight 90-degree angle that extends down as a rounded edge. This profile makes your countertop stand out among all other design elements in your kitchen with its sharp-angled edge.

The edge profile fits well into most French, Mediterranean, and classic kitchens where the design lives in detail.

As expensive as its name sounds, the Dupont profile brings luxury and elegance to any kitchen space, especially when paired with a marble countertop.

The Dupont can be uncomfortable if you lean towards your countertop when cooking as the top edge is kept sharp. If, however, this is something that does not bother you, the Dupont is an excellent choice for your countertop.

Lastly, keep in mind that the ridge in this edge profile can trap food and dust in the kitchen. Hence, you need to put more time and effort into cleaning your countertop with this design.

A dupont edge profile on a kitchen countertop
Dupont costs more than most basic edge profiles.

Laminated Countertop Edge Profiles

A Laminated edge profile involves gluing two layers of stone together to create a countertop with a thickness twice the average slab.

It works on any basic edge profiles above to achieve a bolder and thicker countertop for your kitchen.

In addition, it conceals the substrate, typically a 3/4″ marine plywood, that supports the slab underneath.

However, keep in mind that even with a laminated edge, the seam between the two layers will be visible upon closer inspection but inconspicuous (not invisible) from afar. An experienced fabricator will color-match the adhesive between the two layers to make it appear seamless.

Basic Laminated


A countertop’s edge profile is one of the most overlooked features. It is a small detail that makes a huge statement.

The edge profile sets the tone on how your countertop will fit into the kitchen space as a whole. First, it adds a subtle sense of style to the room. Second, it is also a great way of personalizing your kitchen with nothing more than an edging detail.

Which of the edge profiles above do you like best?

Which design is on your current kitchen countertop?

If you are planning to remodel your kitchen soon, it is best to find an expert who will help you achieve the countertop of your dreams. Visit your nearest countertop store to learn more.

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