Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen or just looking for some design inspiration, you’re in the right place. We’ve gathered photos of our favorite kitchen projects to help make your space more functional and appealing. So whether you’re cooking up a storm or simply enjoying a cup of coffee, we know you’ll love these kitchen design ideas you can try at home:

White quartz countertop with subway tiles backsplash in Iloilo, Philippines

1. Have Indoor Plants

Having indoor plants is an excellent way to make your kitchen feel more alive.

If you are new to owning indoor plants, you may want to stick to options that are easier to care for, like succulents. But if you are an experienced green thumb, go with whatever you think would look best in your space. 

All-white kitchen design with golden fixtures in Cebu, Philippines

2. Consider Gold Fixtures

Take your all-white kitchen to the next level by using gold fixtures to bring a beautiful and luxurious contrast.

Marble-like quartz island and countertop in Cebu, Philippines

3. Use Marble-like Quartz

If you love the look of marble but not its required upkeep, consider using marble-like quartz, like the “Lightning Calacatta.”

It has a similar appearance to natural marble but is easier to maintain and doesn’t require sealing.

All-white kitchen design Malaybalay, Bukidnon

4. Utilize Natural Light

Use natural light from your windows or skylights to help brighten the kitchen space.

It’s also great for making the room feel more spacious and airy.

Marble-like quartz bar counter in Cebu City, Philippines

5. Pick a Bar Stool that Complements Your Kitchen

Choose a bar stool that blends seamlessly with your entire kitchen’s style.

Ensure that it has the perfect height in relation to your counter to keep your guests feel comfortable during their stay.

Curious to know how much will your counter cost?

Black granite countertop in Mandaue City

6. Install Under-Cabinet Lighting

Under-cabinet lighting reduces unwanted shadows from ambient light sources.

It’s also more energy-efficient because you can light up only one part of the kitchen instead of the whole room.

All-white kitchen design in Malita, Davao Occidental

7. Use the Magic of Cabinet Pulls

Cabinet pulls create a sense of height and elongate the look of your kitchen space. Use them to your advantage, especially if your kitchen has shorter wall cabinets.

White quartz countertop in Misamis Oriental, Philippines

8. Pick a Suitable Edge Profile

Your countertop’s edge profile is often overlooked, but it’s a small detail that makes a huge statement in the kitchen.

It sets the tone for how your countertop will fit into the kitchen space. Moreover, it’s a great way of personalizing your kitchen with nothing more than an edging detail.

Carrara-like quartz countertop in Bohol, Philippines

9. Take the Subway!

Subway tiles are a timeless kitchen backsplash. They’re affordable and easy to clean.

Their graphic and geometric repeating bond pattern works nicely, especially in monochrome color schemes.

Absolute Black granite counter with laminated eased edge profile

10. Go Absolute Black (and Never Go Back)

Absolute Black” is one of the densest of all granite colors.

Hence, not only is it incredibly durable, but it is also impregnable from stains.

A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.

All-white kitchen design in Cebu, Philippines

11. Invest in Some Nice-Looking Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are ideal overhead lighting for an island or peninsula. They provide concentrated light in one area without illuminating the whole room.

What’s more, they create an intimate and cozy atmosphere that’ll make you enjoy your kitchen experience.

Marble-like quartz peninsula in Iloilo City, Philippines

12. Pop Some Colors!

Don’t be afraid to add some colors to your kitchen.

Bring your personality into the kitchen space using appliances, fixtures, and accessories in your favorite hues. 

Baltic Brown granite counter in Davao City, Philippines

13. Consider Using Cutter Slabs

Whether you are looking for granite, marble, or quartz, you may want to check out the available cutter slabs from your local supplier.

Cutter slabs are more affordable than gangsaw slabs but are just as durable. You can reallocate your budget to other kitchen remodeling expenses.

Two-tone countertop kitchen design in Bukidnon, Philippines

14. Use a Two-Tone Counter

Highlight your elevated bar counter using a contrasting countertop color.

Pairing a light-colored countertop with a dark-colored slab creates a crisp, clean contrast that elevates the look and feel of your kitchen space.

Kitchen design with two sinks in Davao City

15. Double Down on Sinks

Increase your productivity in the kitchen by having a second sink.

With two sinks, you can dedicate one for meal preps and the other for dishwashing. It improves the overall functionality of your kitchen and makes your life a lot easier.

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Yellow onyx bar counter in Cebu City, Philippines

16. Own an Onyx Bar Counter

If you’re looking for a show-stopping countertop material, you should consider getting an onyx.

It’s a translucent natural stone that’s excellent for backlit bar counters and wall accents. It creates a luxurious and stylish appeal that definitely makes a statement.

Marble-like quartz countertop with full-height backsplash in Cebu, Philippines

17. Install a Full-height Backsplash

Why settle for a typical 4-inch backsplash if you can go full height?

A full-height backsplash gives you a sleeker, seamless, and uninterrupted look for your kitchen.

Moreover, it is easier to clean than ceramic or porcelain tiles.

All-white kitchen design in Cebu City, Philippines

18. Go All White to Maximize Light

White is excellent for a small, compact kitchen as it helps keep the room feel light and airy.

Whatever time of day or mood you want, this color helps create a feeling of elegance and space.

Marble-like quartz island and counter in Butuan City, Philippines

19. Create Textural Lines

Thin vertical wood slats create a brilliant sense of texture and depth in the kitchen.

Black quartz countertop and island in Mati, Davao Oriental

20. Combine Wood + Stone

Wood and stone work perfectly well in the kitchen.

When combined, they bring warmth, balance, and texture to the kitchen, creating a cohesive aesthetic look in your interior.

Dark gray quartz countertop in Cebu, Philippines

21. Gray Matters

Consider using gray if you’re not a fan of black and white kitchens.

Paired with white, it provides a beautiful contrast and makes the room spacious and clean.

Granite or quartz is always a good pick for any busy kitchen

22. Raise the Bar

If you plan to cook and dine on your island, consider getting an elevated bar counter to help keep your guests safe from an open flame or scalding steam.

Black Galaxy granite countertop in Bantayan Island, Cebu, Philippines

23. Dazzle with Glass Mosaics

Glass mosaics are a perfect way to add a splash of colors and design to your kitchen. Its luxurious look certainly stands out, especially when paired against a neutral background.
Black Galaxy granite countertop at Calyx Centre Condominium Cebu City, Philippines

24. Make it Shine

If you’re getting a stone countertop, choose a highly-polished surface to make your kitchen appear brighter.

In addition, it provides better stain resistance and enhances your countertop’s inherent color and texture.

Marble-like granite island and countertop in Cebu City, Philippines

25. Keep it Classic

Classic style kitchens are stylish and beautiful.

They utilize natural materials like wood and granite to create a warm and welcoming space in any home.

Black and white kitchen design in Davao City, Philippines

26. Use Black and White

Kitchen design trends come and go.

Black and white are forever.

Black and white kitchen design in Cebu City, Philippines

27. Build a Peninsula

If you have limited kitchen space to accommodate an island, consider getting a peninsula.

They can look just as lovely and sometimes even preferable in certain kitchen sizes.

All-white kitchen design with marble counter in Davao City, Philippines

28. Marvel at White Marble

A classic countertop material, marble is elegance and sophistication combined.

As such, it is the preferred surface of most five-star hotels and upscale homes.

Finding the Right Kitchen Design

If you’re feeling a little lost and a bit overwhelmed with your kitchen remodeling project, don’t worry. You are not alone. A lot of us go through the same experience every day.

The best thing to do is take a step back, understand your goals, and create an action plan.

Weigh how each detail affects your entire space’s design, especially within the kitchen triangle. And from there, decide the things you want in your kitchen.

Or better yet, hire an interior designer. They can help you through the process and offer more kitchen design ideas tailored to your needs.

If you find this post helpful to your kitchen makeover, feel free to share it on Facebook or Twitter. And be sure to check out our website for more tips and advice on countertop care and maintenance.

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