Discover new kitchen design ideas from the gallery of our favorite works over the years. View our collection and find some inspiration for your new home or kitchen renovation.

Browse through Stone Depot‘s extensive range of granite, marble, and quartz countertop projects in Cebu, Davao, Cagayan de Oro, and Iloilo City. Find distinct combinations of diverse kitchen styles, layouts, and color schemes. And, lastly, discover our selection of stone applications in residential homes, restaurants, building lobbies, and showrooms.

Marble-like quartz kitchen countertop in Cagayan de Oro City

Material: Moonstone (Engineered Quartz) + Nero Calacatta (Engineered Quartz)

Edge Profile: Miter

Backsplash: 60 cm.

Sink Style: Undermount

Project Location: Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon

Black granite and white quartz kitchen countertop in Bukidnon, Philippines

Material: Cloudstone (Engineered Quartz) + Black Galaxy (Granite)

Edge Profile: Eased

Backsplash: 25 cm.

Sink Style: Drop-in

Project Location: Libona, Bukidnon

Green granite kitchen countertop in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu

Material: Emerald Pearl (Granite)

Edge Profile: Dupont (Laminated)

Backsplash: Full-height

Sink Style: Undermount

Project Location: Lapu-Lapu City

Red granite kitchen countertop from India

Material: Imperial Red (Granite)

Edge Profile: Bullnose (Laminated)

Backsplash: 10 cm.

Sink Style: Undermount

Project Location: Consolacion, Cebu

If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.

White marble countertop and island in Cebu City, Philippines

Material: Volakas White (Marble)

Edge Profile: Miter

Backsplash: N/A

Sink Style: Undermount

Project Location: Cebu City


White quartz countertop and island in Davao City

Material: Moonstone (Engineered Quartz)

Edge Profile: Eased (Island) + Miter (Countertop)

Backsplash: 12 cm.

Sink Style: Undermount

Project Location: Davao City

Black Galaxy granite countertop in Davao City

Material: Black Galaxy (Granite)

Edge Profile: Pencil Round

Backsplash: N/A

Sink Style: Drop-in

Project Location: Davao City

Black and yellow kitchen in Cagayan de Oro City

Material: Black Sapphire (Engineered Quartz)

Edge Profile: Eased (Laminated)

Backsplash: 10 cm.

Sink Style: Drop-in

Project Location: Cagayan de Oro City

Finding the Right Kitchen Design

We know that working in a new house or remodeling an old kitchen design is quite a challenge. Also, choosing all the right details is a lot of time confusing. Hence, it is always best to understand first what you want for your home. Then create a catalog of ideas based on this. Weigh how each detail affects the design of the entire space, especially the kitchen triangle. Finally, decide on which one works and which one doesnโ€™t.

Should you have any inquiries about the details from any of our projects above, feel free to send us a message. Our Team would be more than willing to assist you with your project.

If you find this post helpful to your kitchen makeover, feel free to share it on social media. Lastly, donโ€™t forget to ask your family and friends how they think about your kitchen design ideas for your home.

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