Granite Size Cheat-Sheet for the Price-Conscious!

What are the Available Granite Sizes?

Granite is a natural stone that forms deep within the earth and is commonly used in various applications, such as countertopsfloor tiles, and wall cladding.

Contrary to what most people know, granites don’t come from the earth in slab forms. Instead, they are extracted in quarries as large blocks, which are huge chunks of rocks approximately the size of a cargo van. 

The granite blocks are cut into thin sheets using large machines, similar to how white bread is sliced.

They are generally produced in three formats: granite tiles, cutter slabs, and gangsaw slabs. Each granite size has its benefits and drawbacks. And each one fits a particular application that best serves its purpose.

If you’re curious about which granite format works best for you, let’s jump in.

Granite Format Size Price Ideal Application(s)
Granite Tile 0.60 m. x 0.60 m., etc. Affordable Floor Tiles, Wall Cladding
Cutter Slab 0.60 m. x 2.40 m. +/- Moderate Countertop, Vanity Top
Gangsaw Slab 1.50 m. +/- x 2.50 m. +/- Expensive Countertop, Island, Table Top, Feature Wall

Granite Tiles

Granite tiles are a great option if you’re tight on budget. They are the most affordable format among the other granite sizes.

A 0.60 m. x 0.60 m. x 18 mm. THK “Salt and Pepper” granite tile can cost you Php 1,100.00 a piece, while a “Black Galaxy” of the same size is around Php 2,200.00.


Tiled granite size for floors
Granite tiles are excellent flooring materials, especially in high-traffic areas.

They can be installed just like any ceramic or porcelain tile and is just as durable as any granite slab. Granite tiles don’t easily chip, crack, or break, unlike other flooring materials. Thus, you’re getting a virtually indestructible surface without breaking the bank.

Considering its size and cost, granite tiles are a practical choice for residential homes and commercial spaces, especially those with heavy foot traffic. They’re ideal for floors, vanity tops, poolsides, and wall cladding because of their natural beauty and inherent strength.

Curious to Know How Much Will a Granite Floor Cost?

For outdoor applications, like pathways and pool coping, you can alter its texture to achieve a non-slip finish to prevent accidents. Choosing a flamed or bushhammered surface finish makes your granite tiles an excellent outdoor surface that will last for decades. 

Granite tiles, however, come with a few drawbacks. First, its appearance is less consistent than larger granite formats because of its size. As such, you must ensure that every tile comes from the same production batch so that their color and veining match each adjacent piece.

Flamed granite pool coping
Flamed granites provide better traction than those with polished surface finish.

In addition, granite tiles are not advisable to be used as a countertop material because of their dimension. They require more seams, especially in expansive kitchens. We recommend using a cutter or gangsaw slab for countertops to minimize seams.

All things considered, granite tiles are a practical choice for any space that requires a beautiful and durable surface. It’s a one-time investment that brings a lifelong service to any home or office.

If size mattered, the elephant would be king of the jungle.

Cutter Slabs

Cutter slabs are the most popular granite format here in the Philippines because they work so well with the typical size of most of our counters. Hence, you can also find them in most home improvement stores, like Wilcon Home Depot or Citi Hardware.

They are available in different dimensions, but the small ones measure around 0.60 m. x 1.80 m. The longer ones, on the other hand, are usually 0.60 m. x 2.40 m. to 3.00 m. in size.

Granite cutter slabs for countertops
Cutter slabs are the most common granite size in the Philippines.

Cutter slabs are typically 18 mm. to 20 mm. thick. 

However, a few suppliers entice unknowing customers with 12 mm. to 15 mm. thick slabs at a lower cost. Unfortunately, these thinner slabs are not ideal for countertop applications as they can break or crack upon sudden impact.

To ensure your countertop is in top condition, we suggest you use only granite slabs that are 18 mm. to 30 mm. thick.

Cutter slabs are the perfect granite format for one-wall countertops considering their size. They are also excellent for vanity tops, columns, and stair treads.

You can utilize them for L-shaped and U-shaped countertops, but, of course, they will require some seams. The number of seams will depend on your slab size and counter. At the same time, the visibility of your seam depends on your installer‘s skills.

If you don’t mind having one to three seams on your perimeter counter, cutter slabs are a bang for the buck. It’s an inexpensive granite format that works well for most kitchens. 

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Gangsaw Slabs

If you’re shopping for a massive granite slab size for your kitchen island or wall accent, you should look for gangsaw slabs.

As their name implies, this granite format is produced using gangsaw machines capable of processing gigantic granite blocks. Once cut, each slab can be as thick as 20 mm. or 30 mm., depending on the buyer’s requirements. 

Gangsaw slab granite size
Gangsaw slabs are ideal for islands and feature walls.

Gangsaw slabs are usually but are not limited to 1.50 m. x 2.50 m., making them ideal for countertops, islands, table tops, and feature walls.

Considering their immense size and massive weight, gangsaw slabs are the most challenging granite format to work with. It requires more resources to transport, process, and install, making it the most expensive of all formats.

Nevertheless, gangsaw slabs provide the best results when designed and executed correctly. These jumbo granite sizes allow L-shaped and U-shaped counters to be installed with minimal or no seams at all.

If you want a genuinely exceptional granite counter in an expansive kitchen, and budget is the least of your worries, by all means, get a gangsaw slab. Sure, it can be a bit pricey, but it’s all worth the cost. 

Find the Perfect Granite Size for Your Project!

Whether you are looking for granite for your floor, countertop, or wall, there’s definitely one that suits your budget and needs.

If you’re unsure which granite format best suits your project, give us a call or drop us a message. We offer a free consultation to anyone.

You can also drop by your nearest Stone Depot branch and check out the various granite sizes we offer. We offer the most competitively priced granite, marble, and quartz slabs in the market—guaranteed!

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Frequently Asked Questions

There's no actual standard size for granite slabs. After all, granite blocks come in different shapes and sizes, so we really can't guarantee what we're getting in the quarry. In addition, every kitchen is unique. Hence, you need to customize your granite counter based on your kitchen's layout and size.

To help guide you, you can base your purchase on the typical sizes of popular granite formats.

On average, cutter slabs are available in 0.60 m. x 1.80 m. +/- and 0.60 m. x 2.40 m. +/- dimensions with an 18 to 20 mm. thickness.

Gangsaw slabs, on the other hand, are around 1.50 m. +/- x 2.50 m. +/- with a 20 to 30 mm. thickness.

An 18 mm. thick granite slab can weigh up to 50 kg. per sqm. Hence, a typical 0.60 m. x 2.40 m. (1.44 sqm.) countertop can measure up to 72 kg.

On the other hand, a 30 mm. gangsaw slab can be as heavy as 85 kg. per sqm. Thus, a 1.50 m. x 2.50 m. (3.75 sqm.) slab with the said thickness can weigh up to 318.75 kg.

Considering these, your lower cabinets must be strong enough to support the hefty weight of your granite counter. When in doubt, consult a professional.
Yes, you can order your granite requirements according to the specifications of your project.

However, this is usually more expensive than purchasing a raw slab considering the wastage and cutting charges.

Although the most common granite size in most home improvement stores is 0.60 m. x 2.40 m., they can reach up to 3.50 m. long (but are hard to find).

Typical granite slabs are usually 1.80 m. to 3.20 m. long.

If your countertop is longer than your slab, a seam will be required.

Our granite slabs are usually 0.60 m. to 0.90 m. wide and 2.40 m. to 3.00 m. long. with a thickness of ~18 mm.

You may check out the availability of the granite size you need by calling us at +63 (956) 137 9991.
Miguel Aquino

Miguel Aquino

Miguel Aquino is the General Manager of Stone Depot, one of the Philippines' leading suppliers of granite, marble, and quartz. Since 2010, he has been in the stone industry, working for a similar company in Balintawak, Quezon City.

You can find him playing Magic: the Gathering at a hobby store every Friday night.

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