6 Kitchen Storage Hacks for Condo Units

Living in a condominium unit provides quick access to a few amenities and other comforts you won’t easily find in other types of residences.

But one thing is sure: if you love to cook, entertain guests, and prepare meals for your family and friends, the kitchen is one, if not the most, essential part of your home—whether you’re living in a vertical residence or a house and lot property.

A well-organized kitchen creates mobility and efficiency.

Hence, if you find the area inadequate, try to re-arrange it according to your needs and use. You might be surprised that a bit of decluttering will help reclaim your space, perhaps even more than you require.

Here are some kitchen storage hacks that are too helpful to miss out on.

Feel free to apply them in your condo unit. And we hope you have fun, too!

1. Use a magnetic knife rack.

Lose the conventional knife block in favor of the space-friendly magnetic rack. Gain more countertop space and have quick access to your knife collection with this very useful kitchen decor.

However, while using a knife rack is a great idea, consider who you live with. It might be best to store your knives and other sharp objects out of reach if you have kids around.

Curious to know how much will your counter cost?

2. Use baskets for storage .

Using bins or baskets is an excellent way to keep your kitchen items organized.

Categorize and identify them according to use. Those that are frequently needed, like condiments and things in-demand, such as cereals or pancake mixes, should be stored where you can easily reach them. It will also help to label the bins.

3. Install a pot rack .

Having a pot rack is both practical and convenient. Have you ever experienced pulling out every bit of cookware in your cabinet to get to the one you need? Familiar scene? Get a pot rack! Besides a space (and life) saver, a pot rack can also serve as a kitchen feature if done with taste. After all, the pots and pans you frequently use deserve a special spot in your kitchen.

If you can organize your kitchen, you can organize your life.

4. Utilize your kitchen island.

A kitchen island can have several purposes. Add a few bar stools, and you have yourself a breakfast nook. Install cabinets under your kitchen island, and you get extra storage space.

5. Have a rotating tray

Also known as a lazy Susan, this is commonly used for distributing food on big banquet tables. Today, there are mini rotating trays that have a practical use for residences with limited space. They are perfect for keeping condiments instead of storing them in the refrigerator or placing them on your countertop.

The importance of the kitchen

The kitchen has different meanings for different people, but its comforts are defined by simple, blissful moments—fond and familiar memories. A delicious breakfast, lovingly prepared by mom, wafting from the kitchen. Meaningful family conversations over dinner. Laughter with friends as you indulge over burnt toasts. It is a dynamic space that evolves with time and lifestyle needs. So, get creative with your kitchen storage, and improve your unit’s overall design and functionality. And start making more memories.

6. Live in a condominium property that’s perfect for you.

Looking for another life hack? If you are looking for a condo unit that is secure and located in a prime suburban environment, check out Camella vertical villages. One of the best decisions in life is investing in a real estate property that only appreciates over time.

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    thanks for sharing this hack!! I’ll be doing this in our condo in Cebu, Avida Riala.

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