The Pros and Cons of the Different Kitchen Layouts

Whether you’re building a new kitchen or remodeling an old one, you need to consider its layout as it determines the room’s flow and functionality. In addition, your kitchen layout helps you identify the location and storage space you’ll need.

Whether you have an expansive or a small kitchen, like in a condominium unit, there’s a layout best suited to your space and lifestyle.

Let’s find out the best kitchen layout for your home:

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1. One-Wall Kitchen

It is commonly found in studio or loft apartments as it is the ultimate space saver. Most one-wall kitchen designs also include a kitchen island.


This kitchen design is the easiest to set up because all the cabinets, countertop, and appliances are placed on the same wall. This layout creates an open feel since there are no barriers in the kitchen.


This layout does not follow the “kitchen triangle” diagram, making preparation and cooking a challenge, especially if you are a fan of hosting house parties. Countertop space is usually limited, too. The kitchen triangle is a design concept adhering to the principle that the three vital parts of the kitchen: the oven or stove, the sink, and the refrigerator must be close to each other — forming a triangle in order to maximize the efficiency of a cooking space.

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2. Galley Kitchen

A galley kitchen is defined by two opposing walls or two parallel counters with a pathway between them.


Usually found in restaurants due to its efficiency, it puts the stove, fridge, and sink close to each other. Because of the smaller kitchen triangle, it takes less moving around the kitchen.


If the aisle is narrow, having a galley kitchen layout in your house can cause overcrowding if multiple persons are involved in cooking.

3. L-shaped Kitchen

The L-shaped kitchen is made out of vertical counters on two opposing walls that form the letter L.


Having an L-shaped kitchen gives you more countertop space than the other kitchen layouts. Moving around or adding a table in the kitchen is easier with this layout. Due to the extra space afforded by this layout, your kitchen stands out as it becomes the focal point.


This layout may be problematic for larger homes when bad planning is involved. Some contractors make the mistake of not accounting for “workflow” — setting up the sink, range, and refrigerator far from each other. The distance between these areas can cause hassles when preparing and cooking food.

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4. U-shaped Kitchen

There are three linked walls of counter space with one open division in a U-shaped kitchen layout.


U-shaped kitchens usually have more storage space than other kitchen layouts. While it is not as open as an L-shaped layout, you can still move about quickly in your kitchen.


The three walls will give you several corner cabinets. These cabinets are large and deep, which is excellent for storage, but a hassle in keeping items organized and reaching goods near the back of the cabinet.

The Ideal Kitchen Layout

Each kitchen layout has a set of pros and cons. As a homeowner, determining what design will work for you best falls on your shoulders. Identifying your needs versus your home’s kitchen space is an excellent place to start.

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U shaped Kitchen Layout

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