Black Sapphire (Quartz)

5,700 per sqm.

Origin: China
Surface Finish: Matte (Honed)
Edges: Natural (Unpolished)
Thickness: 18 mm
Requires Sealing: No


Sophisticated and glamorous, the “Black Sapphire” is an engineered quartz that resembles the night sky.

With its silver flecks and deep black background, this countertop material shimmers dramatically under the light. The sparkles are not overpowering, as its crystals that reflect light are sized just right. Unlike solid black counters, it hides dust, smudges, and fingerprints easily, thanks to these gleaming specks. Paired with under-cabinet lighting and a range hood, it’s like a view of a starry sky.

“Black Sapphire” works best in well-lighted kitchens with white cabinets. Its dark shade balances out the lightness of space, like the yin and yang. Moreover, it complements stainless steel fixtures, so you won’t have a problem pairing it with most kitchen elements.

If you are looking for a great alternative to the granite “Black Galaxy,” then this might be the countertop material you are looking for.

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