White Sapphire (Quartz)

5,700 per sqm.

Origin: China
Surface Finish: Matte (Honed)
Edges: Natural (Unpolished)
Thickness: 18 mm
Requires Sealing: No


Like a vast frozen landscape, the “White Sapphire” resembles scattered ice crystals over boundless powder snow.

When illuminated, this engineered quartz creates a beautiful glimmer that radiates across the room. Its silver flecks bounce off light in various directions, which, undoubtedly, is its main feature.

This countertop material makes your kitchen look more spacious and inviting with its white base. Furthermore, it works well with other kitchen elements and adapts easily to various architectural styles.

Highly durable and easy to maintain, the “White Sapphire” is ideal for busy kitchens for any home.

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