Nimbus (Quartz)

5,700 per sqm.

Origin: China
Surface Finish: Matte (Honed)
Edges: Natural (Unpolished)
Thickness: 18 mm
Requires Sealing: No


The “Nimbus” is an excellent countertop choice if you’re eyeing an industrial or contemporary kitchen design at home.

With its mysterious dark gray surface, this engineered quartz is highly-durable, non-porous, and low-maintenance. It can be used in other applications, such as vanity top, tabletop, wall accent, and more.

Thanks to its neutral hue, the “Nimbus” easily complements your kitchen’s color scheme or contrasts against your walls and cabinetry.

Oh, and did we say it looks incredible when paired with light wood cabinets? When combined, these two design elements create a beautiful contrast that makes the kitchen look sleek and sexy.

So what are you waiting for? Upgrade your kitchen with the “Nimbus” quartz today!

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