Onyx: Transform Your Home with this Spellbinding Stone

What is an Onyx?

The Onyx* is an exquisite, translucent natural stone, widely used in backlit bar counters and wall accents. Its colors range from white, pink, and green, but the most common ones are yellow and brown.

A premium natural stone, the onyx is a familiar sight in many five-star hotels and fine dining restaurants, thanks to its elegant appearance. Paired with evenly spaced LED strip lights, it creates a visual treat and a relaxing ambiance, perfect for any high-end residential or commercial space.

Where Does Onyx Come From?

The material comes from limestone caverns in various countries, such as:

  • Afghanistan
  • China
  • Iran
  • Mexico
  • Morocco
  • Pakistan
  • Peru
  • Turkey
It forms from rich Calcium carbonate deposits and is cut using diamond wire saws.

Once extracted, each block is cut into thin sheets called “slabs.” Each slab can measure from 0.60 m. x 1.80 m. up to 1.50 m. x 2.50 m., depending on the availability.

Yellow Onyx bar with Absolute Black granite in Seda Abreeza, Davao City
"Yellow Onyx" paired with "Absolute Black" granite for Seda Abreeza, Davao City

Curious to know how much will your ONYX BAR cost?

Is Onyx Durable?

The onyx is a very fragile material. It is soft and brittle, unlike granite or quartz. Hence, your installer must handle it carefully during delivery, hauling, and installation.

It is also susceptible to etching, scratching, and staining, so we don’t recommend it in high-traffic areas. Should you intend to use this stone in your interior, it’s best to use it in less exposed areas of the room, such as feature walls and suspended ceilings.

In addition, the onyx requires sealing once or twice yearly (or as necessary). Like marble, it is highly porous. So you must protect its surface to maintain its beauty and shine, especially in the kitchen. We recommend using Hydrex for walls and Proseal for countertops.

Yellow onyx bar counter in Cebu City, Philippines
Backlit "Yellow Onyx" bar counter for an office space in Cebu City

God said, 'Let there be light,' and there was light.

How to Clean an Onyx Stone?

The onyx requires extra care and protection, similar to marble.

To clean, we recommend using only specially-formulated stone cleaning products. Never use soap and water as they can dull the surface of your material. Moreover, keep it away from abrasive cleaners as they can damage the surface of your stone.

Once cleaned, dry the surface using a paper towel or soft, clean cloth. Never let moisture sit on top of your onyx surface for too long. Remember, it is highly porous, so it’s essential to keep it always dry.

How Much is an Onyx?

The stone costs around Php 15,000 per sqm. here in the Philippines.

A small slab could fetch Php 16,200 per piece, while a larger format could reach up to Php 60,000 a piece.

In general, the onyx is much more expensive than granite or quartz as it is rarer and more challenging to produce. However, once installed, it provides a unique and mesmerizing appeal that you won’t find in any other natural stone.

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Where to Buy Onyx in the Philippines?

Whether you are looking for Pink or Honey Onyx, Stone Depot offers a wide variety of onyx slabs for you to choose from. Here you can find high-quality stones at the most competitive prices.

Drop by our slab yard today and choose from our broad spectrum of natural and engineered stone products for your home or business. We have branches in:

*The term “Onyx” used in this article refers to Calcareous Onyx (a.k.a. “Marble Onyx”), not the black and white semi-precious stone. The former is a dimension stone commonly used for decorative purposes, like backlit stair risers and wall accents. On the other hand, the latter is a type of chalcedony widely used to make jewelry pieces.

Miguel Aquino

Miguel Aquino

Miguel Aquino is the General Manager of Stone Depot, one of the Philippines' leading suppliers of granite, marble, and quartz. Since 2010, he has been in the stone industry, working for a similar company in Balintawak, Quezon City.

You can find him playing Magic: the Gathering at a hobby store every Friday night.

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