5 Simple Tips to Keep Your Granite Countertop Clean and Looking New

With our busy lifestyle, you’re probably always looking for ways to make things easier. Luckily, taking care of your granite countertops is easy as pie and doesn’t require much time or effort.

By following a few simple guidelines, you can keep your granite countertop looking great for years.

So before you run off and do your weekly grocery shopping, take a few minutes to read over these tips on granite countertop care. You’ll be glad you did!

1. Seal Your Granite Countertop as Needed.

The internet can be an excellent resource for information, but not all articles on the web are accurate. Many granites don’t require any sealer and will maintain their gorgeous color without one.

So before heading out to your local home improvement store, ask yourself:

“Do you need to seal your granite countertop?”

If you’re unsure how your granite counter will react to different products and procedures, consult your local stone supplier first to save time and money (and stress) by avoiding an unnecessary purchase.

High-quality oil and water-repelling stone sealer for granites and marbles

Proseal Stone Sealer

Proseal is the best stone sealer for granite countertops as it shields their surface against oil and water.

After all, granites are generally tough and stain-resistant. Most granite colors, especially dark ones, like the “Absolute Black” and “Ubatuba,” are highly-dense and non-porous; but some light-colored ones, such as the “Salt and Pepper” and “Pink Porrino,” are not. Hence, they need to be sealed every one or two years or as necessary.

You may be wondering, how will you know when it’s time to reseal?

Placing a few drops of water on your granite countertop is the simplest way. If the water droplets bead up on the surface, the sealer is in effect. Otherwise, if the surface darkens, it’s time to seal again.

Should your granite countertop need resealing, don’t worry. It’s easy.

You just need to apply the stone sealer throughout your granite’s surface using a clean, dry cloth or a paintbrush. Then, let it dry. That’s it!

Often, we recommend applying a second coat after 24 hours just to be sure. If you’re a bit skeptical, you can always follow the instructions at the back of the product you purchased.

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Curious to know how much will your counter cost?

2. Clean as You Go.

Cleaning your countertop is pretty straightforward: simply wipe up your granite’s surface after every use.

That’s it.

Now here’s a comprehensive list of some do’s and don’ts when cleaning your granite counter:

Cleaning a Black Galaxy granite countertop using a dry cloth
Wipe up your granite countertop after every use.

If you think you’re saving money by using a generic cleaning product, think again. Eventually, you may need to spend more cash to bring back your old countertop’s charm.

Again, just get your hands on a high-quality stone cleaner. It keeps your granite countertop in excellent condition and preserves the effect of your stone sealer.

3. Always Keep Your Countertop Dry.

Keeping your countertop dry is equally important as keeping it neat.

After cleaning, you need to wipe it off dry with a clean cloth, paper towel, or microfiber.

Professional granite installers will seal your countertop before or during installation. However, these stone sealers do not provide an absolute impenetrable shield against staining. The solution only increases the window period of blotting time, allowing easy liquid removal should any spill or drip happen. 

Black Galaxy granite countertop in Iloilo City, Philippines
Keeping your countertop dry is equally important as keeping it neat.

Also, wiping off your countertop dry prevents the accumulation of hard water deposits. Mineral deposits are often left behind on the counter’s surface as the water evaporates, mostly when neglected. Hence, you’ll sometimes see white ring marks (from glass bottoms) and sediments around the faucet and sink.

But don’t worry. Hard water deposits are not only removable but also preventable. Use a razor blade to scrape off the mineral deposits on your counter gently. Try it out in an inconspicuous area of your granite to see if you can get rid of the eyesore. 

Lastly, store your liquids in the cabinet. Don’t keep them on top of your countertop. Vinegar, soy sauce, and cooking oil often drip or leak unnoticed. And when left overnight, these substances can stain your granite’s surface. Always store these items in your cupboard after every use.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

4. Avoid Preparing Food Directly on Your Counter.

Always use a cutting board when using a knife. Never cut or chop directly on the granite’s surface. Because the stone is harder than your knife blades, it will only quickly dull or damage their edges.

Also, remember to put trivets or hot pads under heated pots and pans. Sure, natural granite can withstand extreme heat. After all, that’s how it was formed deep within the Earth millions of years ago. 

Using cutting board over granite countertop in Cebu City, Philippines
Always use a cutting board. Never cut or chop directly on your granite countertop.

You can place a hot pot or pan directly on your granite countertop. But, of course, it won’t hurt to be a little extra cautious. By chance, placing cookware directly on your countertop can lightly scratch the granite’s surface. Better safe than sorry, right?

Ultimately, if you don’t want the trouble of having your granite countertop repaired, it is always best to prevent scratches from happening. Be mindful of the things you place on your counter and make that a habit.

5. Use Your Countertop Only for its Purpose.

The countertop is the workhorse of every household kitchen. Not only is it known for its beauty, but also its practicality and durability. As such, it is one of the most used, abused, and misused fixtures at home.

Its primary purpose is to serve as a working space for most of your kitchen preparations. It’s where we prepare our meals, cook our food, and wash our dishes.

As sturdy as it seems, your countertop is built only to support items as heavy as your kitchen tools and small kitchen appliance. 

It is not meant to be sat on or stood upon. Pull a chair from the dining area if you need to reach something in your upper cabinets. If you need to change the light bulb, use a step ladder. But never, ever put your weight on the counter.

If there’s too much weight on one spot, it can crack. Worse, your cabinet and countertop may all crash down in an instant.

Use your countertop for its purpose; use your common sense at all times.


Granite countertops deliver form and function to every kitchen. However, like anything else in life, they need to be taken care of properly if you want them to last.

By doing simple things, like using coasters and trays and making them a habit, you’re ensuring that your granite countertop will last for decades.

With proper care and maintenance, your granite countertop becomes a one-time investment that will provide you and your family with a lifetime of service.

The Office congratulations meme about a Clean Granite Countertop

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