8 of the Most Popular Granite Colors in the Philippines Today

Are you currently looking for a particular granite color to replace the dirty, old ceramic or porcelain tiles on your kitchen countertop?

Installing a granite slab is undoubtedly one of the many remarkable ways to reinvent your kitchen. Not only does it provide the functionality required in many kitchen preparations, such as cooking and baking, but it also brings a sense of elegance and warmth to any home.

As a result, it has been used in building structures for centuries now. Today, however, granite is well known as one of the best materials for countertop applications.

For instance, here in the Philippines, if you go to Balintawak in Quezon City, you’ll find various stone suppliers on both sides of EDSA. You’ll discover the many colors available for natural and engineered stones, mainly from China and India.

Hence, we’ve compiled a rundown of the popular materials in the market today to help you decide the best choice for your kitchen. Here’s a list of some of the most widely-used granite colors you’ll see in many local stone suppliers in the Philippines today:

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1. Jet Black or Mongolian Black (China)

China’s Jet Black is one of the most popular kitchen countertop materials here in the Philippines. It is the preferred choice for many residential and commercial projects because of its appearance, durability, and cost.

Most, if not all, local suppliers promote it as “granite.” But, from a geological perspective, it is a type of Basalt rock. Nevertheless, as a dimension stone, the local stone industry considers Jet Black as a commercial granite.

Jet Black is more durable and a lot denser than other natural stones, such as onyx or travertine. It can withstand the constant use and abuse of ordinary kitchen preparations. Also, it resists heat and scratches, which makes it an ideal kitchen countertop material.

Jet Black has a timeless beauty that fits exquisitely in any space. Its rich, mysterious color goes well with many other elements—be it a maple cabinet, a white wall, or even a stainless steel fixture. Also, it provides the perfect contrast to any light-themed space. Pair it with all-white floor tiles, cabinets, and wall paint, and you’ll have a beautiful black and white kitchen right inside your home.

As a mid-range priced stone, Jet Black costs more than your ordinary “Salt and Pepper” granite, but a lot less than an expensive marble, like “Volakas White” It costs around Php 2,000 per sqm. to Php 3,0000 per sqm., depending on your current location. Thus, many contractors and homeowners find it reasonably priced considering the advantages it offers.

Curious to know how much will your counter cost?

Dyed Granites

A word of caution: some suppliers here in the country offer dyed black granite and sell it as “Jet Black.”

We, at Stone Depot, discourage our clients from buying this material. Sure, it costs less than other natural black stones, but its dye will surely fade over time.

Hence, if you suspect that the slab you bought is dyed, wipe off the stone with a clean, white cloth and acetone. Therefore, if you see any residue come off, it’s pretty likely that the stone slab you have may have been oiled or dyed to hide its imperfections.

2. Salt and Pepper or G603 (China)

The granite Salt and Pepper, or G603, is used in many large-scale construction projects worldwide.

It is widely utilized in the construction industry primarily because it is one of the most economical granite colors in the market today. Moreover, it is readily available from most natural stone suppliers all year round.

It beats all other granite colors in the market in terms of cost and abundance. Hence, it is the obvious choice of many contractors for various projects worldwide, especially in the Philippines.

True to its name, the granite, “Salt and Pepper,” is a combination of black, white, and silver specks widely distributed throughout its entire surface. Slight variations occur, however, with some slabs having smaller or larger grains than others. Also, some have a lighter or darker background than the rest. Consequently, these variations occur naturally and are part of the granite’s inherent beauty.

3. Black Galaxy (India)

Like a field of stars in the night sky, the Black Galaxy is one granite that fascinates the eye.

Scattered across the slab’s black surface are golden specks of Bronzite, which shimmer under the light. Similarly, these grains of gold vary in size and abundance from slab to slab.

Quarried in India, it is one of the most favorite granite choices worldwide. Apart from its enchanting beauty, its ability to withstand the test of time and weather without losing its luster makes it the preferred choice for many residential and commercial applications.

It is a lot denser than most other natural stones. Hence it is less likely to absorb any form of liquid. Even sealer won’t penetrate its surface. Moreover, it resists heat and scratches, making it an ideal countertop material.

Black Galaxy fits well into any design, whether classic or contemporary. It works best with light-themed spaces as it provides a perfect contrast that balances out the whole place. Furthermore, like all other granites, it has an inherent strength that can bear the constant use and abuse of kitchen preparations. Above all, it is strength and beauty combined.

4. Absolute Black (India)

The granite Absolute Black is a sleek and stunning countertop material ideal for white-painted cabinets and chrome-finished fixtures. Additionally, it provides a clean, crisp contrast to any light-themed kitchen or bathroom.

Sourced from India, it is known for its deep black color and high-polished surface. With proper lighting, it provides a radiant reflection that brightens up space. Also, it has tiny crystal granules scattered across each slab’s surface.

A tiny line of absolute black granite at the base of a white wall is like the perfect eyeliner.

5. Baltic Brown (Finland)

Quarried in Finland, Baltic Brown is a resilient natural stone popularly used worldwide.

Baltic Brown’s surface appears like lava bubbles frozen in time. Although it may seem like a crumbly rock at first glance, this particular granite is highly durable and incredibly dense.

Formed from within the Earth’s inner fires, it can withstand extreme temperature—be it heat or frost. Hence, it is useful for both indoor and outdoor applications.

It complements most cherry wood or red maple cabinetry as a kitchen countertop or a bathroom vanity top. Alternatively, it also provides a beautiful contrast to a minimalist, white space.

Keep it away from other materials with visually striking patterns. The granite’s specks will undoubtedly compete for attention with all the other visual elements nearby.

Outside, it works great on walls, stairs, and floors with the right surface finish. Moreover, it is suitable, too, as pavers and benches in parks and gardens. Its ability to weather against the elements of sun, rain, and snow makes it very much useful outdoors.

Baltic Brown is a unique stone that is both durable and beautiful. Paired with suitable materials and installed by an experienced professional, this granite indeed makes any space look something worth its value.

6. Paradiso Light or China Juparana (China)

The granite Paradiso Light, or China Juparana, is a one-of-a-kind natural stone known for its swirling pastel patterns.

Free-flowing veins swirl across the whole slab. These form a series of “waves.” The variations, as a result, create an impression of movement throughout the surface. Moreover, the patterns are all natural and inconsistent. Hence, each slab of Paradiso Light is genuinely unique.

Installation requires careful attention to every detail. During layout, slabs must be placed side by side to make sure that the seams are accurate. In short, the movement of the veins should flow uniformly.

An experienced installer will move around each piece of the slab to achieve the perfect fit. The result, nevertheless, will undoubtedly be something worth all the effort and cost.

Paradiso Light is something you won’t usually find in most kitchens. Pair it with the right colors from your floor to wall; its distinct beauty will be the envy of many.

7. Blue Pearl (Norway)

Norway’s magnificent Larvik stone, the Blue Pearl, is a distinct grayish-blue granite embedded with glimmering iridescent crystals. It comes in different shades, from metallic blue with silver streaks to dark blue with black and gray specks. Moreover, these variations occur naturally, depending on a particular slab’s quarry. Thus, buyers are advised to inspect the actual pieces before purchasing the material(s) as they differ from the samples and displays seen in showrooms. Moreover, this particular granite color’s most notable characteristic is its iridescent optical effect (Schiller effect). Hence, the granite changes color when viewed from different angles, mainly when directed toward a light.

Furthermore, Blue Pearl, like every other granite, is unyielding. It will not scratch or chip under regular use. Also, heat from hot pots and pans won’t deal any damage either. It has a low absorption rate, so you need not worry about staining.

Blue Pearl is a unique surface that offers a luminous and elegant look in any space. Given its durability, it is a one-time investment that undoubtedly gives a lifetime of service to any home.

8. Emerald Pearl (Norway)

The Emerald Pearl is a pearlescent granite with silver and green flecks of mica quarried from Larvik, Norway.

Much like its counterpart, the Blue Pearl, its appearance varies depending on its quarry source. It can have a light green surface with silver crystals or a dark green shade with bluish specks.

Lastly, this particular granite color resist tarnishes, making it a perfect kitchen countertop material choice. With proper care and maintenance, it will not stain or scratch easily.

Its rich, dark color works best with white painted walls and cabinets. Moreover, the striking contrast provides depth to any kitchen or bathroom space. Furthermore, the reflections from its metallic minerals add a little sparkle and shine to any room.

Where can you buy granite slabs in the Philippines?

If you are looking for ways to upgrade your kitchen, come and visit the nearest Stone Depot branch in your city. We are a direct importer of countertop materials, such as granite, marble, and engineered quartz. Our company sources our products from various quarries worldwide, like China, India, and Greece. Just ask us how we can help you make your dream kitchen come true.

Since 2015, we have worked with thousands of customers, contractors, and developers. As a result, Stone Depot has built a solid and dependable reputation as the go-to choice for natural and engineered stones in the Visayas (Cebu and Iloilo) and Mindanao (Davao and CDO).

With us, you can choose from a wide variety of colors, finishes, and sizes of stones available in our slab yard. Above all, our mission is to deliver our products and services on time, in high quality, and at a fair price. And we intend to keep it that way—always.

Have you seen any of these granite colors lately? Do you have one in your current kitchen at home? What are your thoughts about it? Share your experience in the comment section below!

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